Airdrop Round 1 is here!

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Finally, we have come to the event that everyone has been waiting for! Get your socks on as we are in for a big ride!


Airdrop START TIME 09/04/2018 00:001 GMT

Each AD will last 2 weeks before resetting on a Monday.

10 days of levelling (ends 18/04/2018)

4 days for administration purposes(completes 22/04/2018)

Participants must be registered in both Discord and Forum to be eligible for AirDrops.

1st Airdrop

45% of AD pool – Forum
25% of AD pool – Discord
15% of AD pool – BCT
15% of AD pool – Social Media

For the Forum

  • 2 stakes per thread started
  • 1 stake per comment posted
  • 1 stake per like gathered
  • Ranking will be based on stakes
  • minimum 2 posts to be eligible.

Then we will apply the Ladder system of distribution.

For Discord

  • Must register their airdrop wallet address in our Discord Bot.
  • no minimum level or xp required
  • Ranking will be based on XP

Then we will apply the Ladder system of distribution.

For Bitcointalk

  • Members will have to register their BCT profile link to our Discord Bot
  • Be active and participate in our BCT ANN discussion.
  • Posts must be done on different days.
  • Must have DSTRA wallet address on their profile.
  • Reward pool will be divided equally among all eligible participants.

For Social Media

  • We will use the Gleam platform. Link here
  • Participants will have to enter their email they used in DSTRA forum and DSTRA wallet address.
  • Participants will get 1 Stake for every action done on gleam.
  • Reward pool will be distributed according to the collected stakes.


To ensure that we are providing the best pool size for the initial AIRDROP 1, the specifics of the rewards system will be released midway through the Airdrop Round to ensure that abuse of the system is reduced/eliminated.

For Discussions, Suggestions or Questions click to visit our Forum-Thread!

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