DSTRA Advent Calendar Game

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The DSTRA Xmas advent calendar is here!

Team DSTRA is going Xmas nuts with a new advent calendar, 23 days in a row of DSTRA coin gifts within a game. Grab away while you can.

Every day for the next 23 days, starting December 1, team DSTRA will transfer coins into an chosen advent DSTRA blockchain address, at random intervals and in random amounts. It is now for you to grab as many of these coins as you can. For this transfer to begin in the first place, each day a given task must be done. This task has to be done by just one person, any person. No task done, no coin flow.

Tasks can be simple trivial tasks, puzzles or more difficult tasks etc…

This is the address: D8LoX4u9vP7vx9Hvox3TaFUgMf9ikx3EBQ and this is the private key for that address: LWeFL7wr4hWqCMpMBQ5kFvr77nRkB4XiRjvfExMHV5LQ6asnY9Wu

Import the key and be ready to grab coins from 1. December.

Read the full game rules here: https://forum.dstra.io/threads/the-dstra-xmas-advent-calendar.1445


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