To participate within DSTRA’s airdrops, please follow the guide below.

Your involvement on Discord and on the DSTRA Form will determine how much you earn each week.


DSTRA’s airdrop will occur in 4 major areas –
three are optional, but there are some requirements too to participate in order to acquire more DST:
Follow these steps to make sure you are participating in the Airdrop:


  • Discord Registration on DSTRA Bot
  • Discord Activity
  • Forum Participation

Follow these simple steps to qualify in our airdrops:

Discussing any: ideas, questions and by remaining active, you’ll earn more DST. 

Join DSTRA’s Discord and open a private chat with the official DSTRA Bot: dstra-butler#7423

  • To link your wallet address, type this to the bot:

-wallet YouWalletAddressHere (Ex: –wallet D7091230912309a)

  • Link your E-Mail Address, type this to the bot: 
–email YourEmailHere     (Ex: –email [email protected])
  • Link your Bitcointalk Profile, type this to the bot:  
    –bct ProfileLink 
  • At any stage you can use a command -checkme with the bot to see if your information has been recorded properly. 

Posting on our forums. 

  • Register using the same email your DISCORD has. You can change your E-Mail in your profile settings, if you didn’t use the same one. 
  • Add your DSTRA Wallet address to your profile. 

Register your BCT profile via DSTRA Butler (our Discord bot)

Social Media: Follow DSTRA Twitter or Facebook Page.

Welcome to the community and thanks for joining DSTRA Airdrop!

Note: Each entry is then confirmed by our team, to be legitimate:

You can view our public Excel sheet (from one of the Airdrops) for more information in regards to faked airdrop users.


  • If all the steps besides are not completed, and or your e-mail in discord and on the forums are not the same, you will be disqualified from the next airdrop.

Any issues in regards getting your airdrop and bot commands setup? Be sure to stop by our Discord, we’ll be more than happy to assist you. 


  • You get awarded for all your discord activity, simply by joining the discussion!
  • You get awarded DST for keeping your BTT Signature
  • You get awarded for using Gleam and the forums


Make sure that you have withdrawn your funds, to the wallet you registered with dstra-butler, before the end of each airdrop occurs. Keep those funds in that wallet for next few days (in case there is a cross check of balances) and  transfer them back to bot, when the new airdrop phase begins. 

To do so, use following command: 

$withdraw wallet balance command  
(e.g. $withdraw D1092930asdasAA 100.00)

To check your balance simply type


You can read more about our unique DAM, which is calculating the airdrop pool size at

Got some other questions? We would be glad to help you by joining our community on Discord