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Hi guys,

What an amazing March it has been!

After so long, we have finally completed the swap, the website, the wallet and the list goes on… Well you guys know what we have accomplished so far! (if you don’t check out our ANN and Discord, or ask around 🙂 )

Credit goes to these people:

  • *FIRST the community! Yes, YOU guys. Your support throughout was heartening (and also we did not want to disappoint you guys in any way.):joy:
  • *Most importantly, The @Devs ! @nanna , @shirako-jp and @saboten-senpai.
  • *The @Mods Moderator = @serathy
  • *All the @Helpers especially @sai for the bots!
  • *And last but not least, the @Admins too!(edited)

Everything currently on DSTRA is possible through the dedication of the team and kindness of the community.

We, the team, have been working on DSTRA when we can on our spare time. (EVERY night, on the job, driving, drinking, on the toilet…)

What we would like to bring up right now, is the issue of DSTRA funds.

For transparency, we would like to declare that @abs1#6175 kindly donated $100 towards the initial payment of servers. Ever since then we had no other donations and had been using our own resources to push the project forward.(Some of us had our own resources that we shared. And most of it was the time we put in.)

Recently, many of you have shown interest in Donating for DSTRA coins. We had to make sure that all the basics that needed to be done was covered before launch.

In the future, we anticipate to run into these costs as we grow DSTRA.

  • *Payments for Listings on exchanges, pools, coinmarketcap, etc…
  • *Payments of servers, technical hardware, resources, etc…
  • *Payments of external advisors, legal aids, help, etc…

The truth is, running these things costs money. Therefore, we would like to announce that we will be taking 40% of our Fundraising pool to raise funds for future expenses that will be incurred by DSTRA.

We know that a lot of you have swapped f0me into DSTRA. Many more of you are waiting to either BUY or SELL DSTRA. We would like to ask that during the duration of the fundraising drive, please consider acquiring DSTRA from the team and not from other sources yet, as these funds would be very important for the success of DSTRA.

DO not forget!! If we have no funds to push the DSTRA project, we can’t help you increase the value of DSTRA. The community so far have been exceptional, please be patient and trust that we will push hard for the success of DSTRA. We would hate to see DSTRA failing only due to funds constraints.

As the Team is ONLY rewarded in DSTRA coins we are extremely incentivised to make sure that DSTRA succeeds.

HOW to participate in donations.

  • *Donations will be made to the following accounts in BTC and LTC. All WALLETS are 3 of 5 multisigned, this is done as an assurance to our investors from an exit scam.
  • *Donation drive will be handled by xTrisx, Krestien and Andhar83. And will originate from 2 of 3 multi-sig DSTRA wallet.
  • *The rate of 0.00001BTC (or 1000Sat ) = 1 DSTRA will be set for this current donation drive. (LTC will be at exchange price of transaction)
  • *PM/DM one of the 3 Admins above with your transaction id, amount of BTC or LTC and your DSTRA wallet address.
  • *We will endeavour to transfer all DSTRA ASAP (within 12 hours) once donation is received.

BTC: 3K4WpNHeAMa4KziWg3iyYogTNuSfqwTVRi
LTC: M8hjvR5Lj5KBsvbBj5qPUsQibzGvEfQXjy

DSTRA fundraising wallet: fLkwDzK2ofw6RVMgUNGUNDcpX3vXsGV3bw

The team is not allowed to use these wallets for anything other then DSTRA related expenses.

(Public ledger – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSQYNMTF6vbZ7vtnok2WAwy_Y_c-9LPF3R80afZKn0VB2MyYfsNPXHKCaHIzsxaD6vHX3e9WlbfTXx5/pubhtml)

From Community comes unity!
Together we are strong!


Discuss with us: https://forum.dstra.io/threads/dstra-fund-raising.99/

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