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We are happy to announce that one of the milestones from our Roadmap has been reached!

From now on your wallets are able also to immediately send funds to another recipient, which means that the speed capabilities of DSTRA network are increased even further! You can find that option in Send tab in your wallets (bottom right section) – select it, press “SEND” and that’s it.

What does it mean for you?
1) Do you have to update your wallets? No, you don’t – entre DSTRA Team tries to think ahead of time, so wallet itself was prepared for it and the rest of the work was carried out on the network itself and then activation of this functionality.
2) How fast is it? Since MasterNodes are securing the transaction, it’s much faster than regular transfer & immediately recognized by the network
3) Is the cost higher? Yes and you’ll be informed by your wallet on the exact cost. For example: sending 10 or 100 DSTRA had a cost of 0.01 DST

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