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As many of you might know it’s been a hell of a week. Let me tell you what has happened to date and how we plan to proceed forward. First off, the developer of F0ME, F0ME himself hasn’t showed himself for over a week. Despite our hard work, it seems that he has forfeit this project. In addition to this, we have noted that the donation accounts are empty in what appears to be an exit scam.

We are very, very sorry this has happened, but to our unhappiness, it’s not our choice or in our control. But on the flip side the good news, we, the staff of F0ME (helpers, moderators, and admins) decided to take-over. A community takeover. We are going to DEVELOP a new coin, similar to F0ME with 100% transparency to the community. More details will be handed out shortly after our official website is launched.

What does this mean for you? A snapshot has been made of your wallet balances. This means you will get our new currency at a rate of 1: 0.75. (so 75% of your F0ME balance into our new coin). More details on this process will be released shortly.

For now, we are very busy setting this up for the past days and we already made good progress. I’m also happy to inform that the new developers of the wallets, blockchain etc are the official developers of the Japanese NeetCoin. They have been onboard since the release of F0ME (they developed the MAC wallet for example) and have been big supporters of the community. They bring in lots of developer experience that is proven in their coin and will work swiftly so we can proceed back to where we were progressing towards before.

Now we will have a true platform to work with at the control of the community and not one developer. Please bare with us in this time, we are doing everything to make this a major success. Thanks for your support and let’s make the community great again with full transparency and trust!


Update 28th February:

First of all, in essence, this is a NEW project starting from block 0. And it has nothing to do with f0me or the F0ME coins at all. The only thing in common is the community and the admins. Minus f0me dev. Ever since Ad4 snapshot was completed. The whole community has realized that F0ME dev had upped and left the project after dumping in SE. Upon further investigations, checks of the donation addresses have shown emptied wallets. In short, EVERYONE involved in F0ME was scammed and left with useless bags of coins worth nothing at all.

The previous admin team felt that they had seen the massive effort put into f0me project and the inputs and improvements made by the community and themselves. They felt that they had something special here that could be utilized to make a new and more successful project. Before f0me left. Everything was already run by the admins, who even though were running the show, could not do any executive decisions because f0me left them with no access to dev wallets. They could have taken their expertise and run away with all the contacts and create a new coin and ignored ALL the old community with NO form of compensation at all. 

Instead, because they valued the community and the effort that many of the community put into the project to make it what it was, they have decided to compensate in some form to reduce the blow of the scam f0me was. In essence, IF they did not do this, everyone has zero. Zilch. Nothing. And they can still go ahead with the new project. Of course, whether they make it successful it is a different thing. So the new team would like the community to realize is, this project has nothing to do with f0me. And everything to do with a new coin. BUT they can get some compensation for the f0me they had in the old wallets.

Unfortunately, as we all know, F0me dev actually sold/dumped into exchange from other addresses. So in the interest of blocking him from ever getting any of the new coins, it’s has been advised to the admins that the exchange will not be used as part of the swap. We apologize for this inconsiderable inconvenience. But with or without this project going on it does not change the fact that those f0me in the exchange are ALREADY worth nothing because of the scam exit. In saying that, The Admins have made every step to reduce the damage done and to make the swap as well as they can. No one will come out unscathed and everyone will lose in f0me. But we hope that by doing this new project and doing the swap, the admin team shows their commitment to continue on with the project that was beginning to grow into something bigger. The swap will be in the ratio of 1f0me : 0.75 new coin for every wallet that is snapshot at the time stipulated by the devs. Block #48975 on 23rd Feb 2018 22:02:19 GMT We will be cross-referencing the wallets that are in ad3 and ad 4 with these addresses as the ones that did not participate in the ADs but had f0me in them would be the old Dev’s account. THESE ADDRESSES will not be eligible for the swaps. 

Furthermore, to show how serious we are about reviving the community, we reached out to StakingLabs and have come to an agreement whereby all accounts in StakingLab will be automatically swapped with the ratio off 1:0.75. That means all of you who have f0me in StakingLabs, will have them automatically swapped with the same ratio. Again. In this period of uncertainty, we would like everyone to understand that everyone got hit hard by the scammer. But without this project, EVERYONE would get nothing. So please be patient with the team as we make every preparation to facilitate a smooth swap from f0me coin to the new coin. We have pretty much almost summed up the new project on most things and are just tying up some loose ends.

If you would like to help with the project you can help us by doing the following. Reach out to the old members that you know of and tell them of this project. Point all your questions ONLY to the helpers or the mods. The admins are right now working hard to get this going and time is precious. Every pm they have to answer personally means time taken away from a crucial decision. If you think you can help in any way with the new project. Like web design graphics, marketing, etc please put up ur hand. Please stop abusing the helpers. They are here to help you. Not to be abused by you. If you are found to be doing this, actions will be taken. Finally, the team would like to say we want to put this fiasco and bad experience behind us and move on. Let us work together and move towards a new goal. It has been done before. It will be done again.


We are strong and united we will rise again.

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