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We at DSTRA, are happy to announce that we have finalized AD specifics today. It took us a long time to figure out an AD method that would both incorporate the spirit of the community’s effort while being fair to everyone. Specifics will be released on launch day. Secondly! The devs have been doing tests with the Japanese community over the past week and we are glad to announce that no bugs have been found so far! It looks like the wallet is not far off! We already have a semi-working wallet but we want to input other features in and also our logo, pos, etc. So we won’t be releasing until launch day too.

So far we have the forum ready (link and registration will be open soon). The website domain has been reserved and building of the website will commence soon We have settled on team composition and requirements (a few more spots to be filled).

Coin utility is being discussed now. We are looking at real-world uses and not promises that sound great but are hard to achieve. Some of the ideas here are still very exciting and many more things have been done! This is just to update you all that we are not doing nothing. Please have faith. We do not want to release major specifics until launch day to prevent leaks. We will update you on our progress regularly.

Together we are strong!

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