What is DSTRA?

DSTRA is a cryptocurrency that aims to become one of the premier currencies in the crypto world through a community-inspired project.

DSTRA will be distributed primarily by airdrops and will incorporate a

“Proof of Community” (PoC) concept in the distribution process.


check out our guide about how to prepare your wallet for the swap

What will DSTRA
be used for?

Participation in DSTRA

Store of Value

Borderless remittance with low fees

Decentralization of current financial/banking system

(Casual) Gaming

Payments for services


DSTRA Features

In addition to the list, more are in the pipeline to be confirmed and announced at a later date.

Detailed coin utilities will be released close to the Launch Day as a part of the project’s technical documentation.

Fast Transactions


Low Fees




Proof of Stake (PoS)


Proof of Community (PoC)




DSTRA Airdrop Mechanism (DAM)



(to be updated soon)


  • Snapshot for Coin Swap 100%
  • Set up Forum 100%
  • Coin Design 90%
  • Logo Competition 100%

Starting March 2018

  • BCT Pre-ANN 100%
  • Forum launch 100%
  • Development of Wallet 100%
  • Launch Telegram Channel 100%

Mid March 2018

  • Launch of our Explorer 100%
  • Set up Multisign-Wallet 100%
  • Develop multisend for AD distribution 100%
  • Create Coin Swap guide 100%
  • Publish swap details 100%
  • Develop DSTRA Discord Bot 100%
  • Develop Tipbot 60%

End of March 2018

  • Launch Website 100%
  • Beta Test 100%
  • Distribute Wallet 100%
  • Initiate Coin Swap 100%
  • Launch of 1st DSTRA Airdrop 100%
  • Release Whitepaper v1 40%


DAM Round 1 (AD4) Rules

How to take part? Use our Discord bot for registration (instructions are accessible in the corresponding channel) - if you're not a member of our Discord channel until now, click on https://discord.gg/V89eEBX. Important! The DSTRA wallet address, email address and BCT...

DSTRA Airdrop Mechanism (DAM)

DSTRA aims to have as much users as possible, the airdrop mechanism is one of the ways we achieve this. First, some theory: Metcalfe’s law states that the value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the...

Airdrop Round 1 is here!

Finally, we have come to the event that everyone has been waiting for! Get your socks on as we are in for a big ride!   Airdrop START TIME 09/04/2018 00:001 GMT Each AD will last 2 weeks before resetting on a Monday. 10 days of levelling (ends 18/04/2018) 4 days for...

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